Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Living in paradise has it's perks...

So, living in Florida there's a perk when your neighbor has a very over-grown Honeybell Tangelo tree that hangs over the fence into your backyard. It's also good that you're on friendly terms with that said neighbor.

It's January, and for the Florida orange season that means Honeybell's... as I mentioned, our neighbor has a bountiful tangelo tree that is bursting with beautiful little balls of day-glow orange. Today, my husband picked a couple to check on the progress, he made just enough for his glass. Of course, my husband likes to add a little extra zing, so he also added a jig or two of rum. He offered me a sip, and sure enough, these tangelos are as they say, “Ripe for pickin’”

Since there wasn't enough for two glasses, I headed out to pick my own, as I strolled out the back door, my husband called out “The darker ones are the ripest – get more of those!”  So, the bowl I had held about ten.  From the one sip, my salivary glands were in overdrive.

Did I mention I love kitchen gadgets? Well I do. One of my smaller appliances I’ve been getting more use out of these days is my food processor. A basic simple ten year-old Kitchen-Aide. Nothing fancy, but it does have a juicer attachment and for the first time... I used it! Let me tell you, my arms are quite thankful for this attachment.

As the machine churned away, we filled a pitcher. By this posting, the pitcher is almost empty, and here’s why...

First, the visual appeal:  The color, how do I properly describe the color... it’s pretty close to the contents of a packet of powdered cheese that comes in a box of macaroni. Bright, vibrant, and it’s calling my name.

Now the taste... I mentioned that my salivary glands were stimulated, and as I took my first sip, every expectation was met. Just the right amount of tartness and sweetness combined - a true honeybell.  It was like biting into an orange, pulp and all, but without the mess! Seriously, the flavors pop in your mouth. As the color, the flavor is uber bright, sharp, but not bitter - sweet – but not sugary, just flows nicely on the palate and “It’s just that good!” 

If you can, I highly recommend picking up your own fresh honeybell's and treat yourself to this little bit of sunshine in a glass. 

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